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Published On: Πε, Ιαν 14th, 2021

THE RUN | Kathisma Beach, Lefkada


A beautiful cinematic aerial video of Kathisma Beach in Lefkada Island, Ionian Islands, Greece. Shot in September, just before a huge storm. 👇 More info below 👇

When everybody was running away from the beach…. a few people stayed and enjoyed this amazing scenery embroidered with Kathisma’s massive 20-30 m long waves.

Kathisma… one of the most iconic beaches of Greece is also in my top 5 beaches of Greece. I mostly go there in low season, when Kathisma is completely different than the Kathisma you know if you visited in July or August. It’s actually very wild and special and you can have it all for yourself 😎.

The exact location on Google Maps 📍

(Μας στάλθηκε από τους δημιουργούς του βίντεο «Hello from Paradise»)

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