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Published On: Δε, Ιαν 25th, 2021

Lefkada West Coast Beaches | Avali | Teotokos | Gaidaros


Whenever Lefkada Island gets too crowded during summer I find myself around Avali Beach. Somewhere between Avali and Kathisma, there are a bunch of beaches and I’m not sure if they all have names. I know about Theotokos Beach and Gaidaros Beach. Anyhow, Kalamitsi area. So yeah, around that area. 👇 More info below 👇

Read a more detailed article and see some awesome pictures https://aworldofhavingtime.com/lefkad…

This time though, it was October. And don’t I looooove empty beaches? All tourists were already gone. The taverns were closed. But the sun was still going strong.

Strong winds that day… and also some impressive waves. They took over at least half of the beach… It was kind of dangerous to adventure myself into taking a swim in the nicely painted Ionian Sea on the West Coast of Lefkada with it’s classic Lefkada blue…

But that didn’t stop me to enjoy a few drinks on the beach and fly my drone over Avali to show you guys a little bit of what became a memorable day for me…

If you’re into camping, Avali is one of the spots you’ll probably like in Lefkada. It’s nice and quiet all the time and it has a few taverns for basic food and drinks. Not to mention that the sun drops in the sea making the sky a canvas for natural sunset colors.

The exact location on Google Maps 📍 https://goo.gl/maps/4tCDwrPePEuLz1Av7

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