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Published On: Τρ, Φεβ 2nd, 2021

MOMENTS | Iconic Porto Katsiki Beach


Porto Katsiki is simply one of the most iconic beaches of Greece. It’s wild, it’s massive and very moody. Just like an old man… 👇 The whole story below 👇

Porto Katsiki is like a moody old man. He has lived an isolated life since the beginning of time. He seems to be a warm and welcoming guy during summer.

He likes it when you drop by and have a drink. He will let you play in the waves, enjoy the white and fine sand all day long.

He likes to have guests in the summer, but from autumn, he’s becoming grumpy. Maybe because he gets less and less visitors. So he throws wild winds at you on the beach and tumbles down the sea, so that you are quite afraid of even taking a swim. Maybe this way, he’s preparing himself for next summer.

I first met him 8 years ago. Initially, he scared me with his heights. But he also showed me the most beautiful shades of turquoise seas I had ever seen.

Now, I can’t stop myself from visiting him as many times per year as I can. We became sort of friends. But still… he can’t be trusted when he gets wild.

He kindly allowed me to shoot some portraits of him during my visits last year. He never ceases to amaze me. Each day he was showing me a different face.

Can’t wait to drop by soon and see what his mood is going to be next.

This is a collection of my best pictures of Porto Katsiki captured during my visits in 2020. Visit my Instagram for more

Porto Katsiki is one of the most beloved Lefkada’s Island beaches. It sits on the West Coast of Lefkada and it can be accessed by car through a legendary concrete road through pine woods, with lush mountains on the left and blue seas on the right side.

The exact location of Porto Katsiki Beach (Παραλία Πόρτο Κατσίκι) on Google Maps 📍

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