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Published On: Δε, Μαρ 1st, 2021

THE PROMISE | Wild flowers of Lefkada

Lefkada flowers in nature (4)

For 1 year, during Covid lockdowns in Lefkada we couldn’t move as much as we used to around the island. We used this time as an opportunity to get to know better one of nature’s greatest gifts: the wild flowers. 👇 Read more … 👇

The only walks we made are the ones where we took our dog out. These walks became sort of «THE moments» of each passing day. Days during last year were more or less repetitive and predictable. We soon realized that it’s not all about us :)))

Lefkada flowers in nature (1)

Meanwhile, in a parallel world… which we never made time to closely observe before… nature was doing its own thing. Each day, a new variety of wildflower popped out. We had seen some of them before, but others were completely new for us.

Lefkada flowers in nature (7)

Some were so tiny and delicate that only a nature-loving trained eye would observe them. Their petals seemed to have a satin touch. Others were posing as royalty with a colour palette that inspired fashion creators. The colour mix that we know as complementary is undoubtedly nature-inspired.

Lefkada flowers in nature (2)

For instance the beautiful wild iris with its perfect purple petals with yellow pattern. These guys see the light of day starting December. Shocking to see flowers during winter :) Or the classic poppy flowers that paint red on a green canvas.

In this video, we imagined what the wild flowers of Lefkada Island would say if they could talk. Enjoy my cinematic vision of Mediterranean flora!

(Μας στάλθηκε από τους δημιουργούς του βίντεο «Hello from Paradise»)

Lefkada flowers in nature (3)

Lefkada flowers in nature (5)

Lefkada flowers in nature (6)

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